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There's no charge for our services. Thomas Sharp Recruiting works with candidates to locate permanent direct-hire positions or contract / temporary positions.

Of course there are other factors involved. Let's face it, searching for a new job IS a full-time job! We understand combing through website after website trying to find positions that match your objectives is a daunting task. We work closely with all of our candidates to determine your technical strengths and objectives and then take over task of searching for you.

We understand a variety of factors go into deciding your next position, such as; What is the location? The duration of the work? What salary ranges can be expected? We make sure the positions we present to you are consistent with the entire spectrum of what you are looking for.

We understand technical positions because we are technical! Our recruiters have years of technical experience in software, database, and web development, systems analysis and integration, as well as networking. We don't just look for position titles that match your skill sets, we understand the type of work of you do and if a position is the right fit.

We're all about the details. We pay close attention to all of the aspects of your entire search. From identifying the initial position, to working with you to obtain follow up information, all the way through to negotiating offers, we assist our candidates throughout the whole process. We understand that specific details can make the difference and we will work to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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"Thomas Sharp Recruiting listened to my career objectives and didn’t waste my time with interviews for positions I was not a good fit for"

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